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Founder Carel Lee Tan began her journey as an architectural designer with a travel-heavy lifestyle. She has found that no matter where you are, architecture finds life in its people. Reflecting those who create, occupy, and even those who view them, buildings can be so much more than their functions. 

When human design finds harmony in function, that is when a simple structure becomes vibrant, a place of comfort and belonging. The same applies even more simply to beauty and self care. YesCarel operates around the core philosophy that rather than covering up who we are, beauty comes from accentuating it.

She was greatly influenced by her mother, the beauty icon and Miss Korea, Mrs. Carloyn Lee Tan. 

Being at the front lines of this industry, having participated in and contributed to countless fashion-related, beauty and cultural events in the Philippines, she always had access and information to the secrets of selfcare. By staying up to date with the latest trends and challenging herself daily, she has accumulated the experience and know-how that is essential to maintain her healthy and beautiful lifestyle. Therefore, her spotlight will never fade.

Growing up as her daughter, Ms. Carel Lee Tan, beard witness to this extravagant and glamorous scene. With her background as an architectural designer, she was able to compare and formulate a structure for true beauty. Design and beauty follow a simple rule: they must be achieved by taking the right steps. And instead of covering up our differences, that make us who we are, we need to accentuate it and understand how to utilize our foundation, to build ourselves better. 

Say yes to yourself!

The secrets to selfcare, together with her daughter’s entrepreneurial aspirations, mark the beginning of our journey into K-Beauty.

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