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September 26, 2021

IU (Lee Ji Dong) announced her new album, saying, "The regular album will be released unexpectedly this year."

Singer IU is preparing a new full-length album.

IU posted a video titled "ASMR by new employee Lee Ji-dong" on her official YouTube channel "Lee Ji-geum" on the 8th.

The video shows IU, who turned into a new counselor for her agency, answering questions from fans according to her concept.

Asked if he has any plans for an online concert, IU said, "I have no plans for an online concert this year. We are preparing various events instead of an online concert," he said.

"This is a top secret, but I heard IU is preparing a full-length album right now. Don't tell anyone. It's really a secret, but I told you," he said in a surprise announcement.

IU also said, "This year, I'm releasing an album just in time for the concert. As it's been a long time since it's a full-length album, I heard that it will be prepared for a long time and released unexpectedly," he said, raising fans' expectations.

If IU releases her fifth full-length album this year, it will be the first time in three years since her fourth full-length album "Palette" in 2017.

Below is a video clip released by Lee Ji-dong, a new employee.



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